Monitor is working hard on new music. No upcoming performances scheduled.


“...the debut self-release by Seattle based experimental / alt rock duo MONITOR is a very rare creature. ... combines varied rock soundscapes with tender synth hooks and electronics in a sonic palette that charms and mystifies. It’s both a delicate, and at the same time intense and trippy odyssey that should make listeners appreciative of their depth and unique feel.”

“Evoking an eerie, mysterious vibe much like Radiohead or The Antlers, the new song leaves a lasting impression that’s sure to haunt your dreams.”

“Graceful, steadied, intricate. [...] This track is perfect to relax to, but it’s also strangely amazing to dance to. Just imagine yourself in a calm trance - if you aren’t already there - and realize you can do anything with ‘Memorand’.”
Impose Magazine

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